Infrastructure & Cloud

Match your organisation’s cloud infrastructure with its goals for the future. Scalable, accessible, and smart cloud solutions that work now and later. Keep your team connected no matter where they are on the world nor which device they’re using.

Service explanation

There’s no room for slow, inefficient, and restrictive platforms in an organisation. Not anymore.

94% of enterprise companies are using cloud computing in some form. 45% of SMBs are
using cloud infrastructure. No matter your organisation’s level, it will benefit from cloud
infrastructure and services.

Cloud infrastructure has revolutionised scalability, data management, and collaboration
accessibility across the globe.

As the technology has improved, so have the solutions that have come out of it. Cloud infrastructure is not the hard-to-adopt technology you likely think it is. It also doesn’t have to be as expensive as you’ve been led to believe either.

In fact, cloud infrastructure adoption brings your Total Cost of Operations down by 42%.

Further info

There are different infrastructure and cloud solutions to fit your needs, so you don’t have to feel locked into a specific package if it is not the most appropriate for your business. We’ll help you decide which one is right for you.

Managed Cloud

Achieve optimal cloud performance and ROI with our cloud reviews, audits, and optimisations. Our Azure and AWS Well-Architected Reviews provide an in-depth analysis of your cloud environment, and our experts develop a customised plan to optimise your cloud for maximum efficiency. Focus on growing your business with confidence, knowing that your cloud environment is performing at its best.

Cloud Migration

It is not uncommon for organisations to be suffering from a badly-optimised cloud that is costing them money. Mitigate this expense by making use of our cloud migration services.

Managed Cloud

Free up your IT team’s time with our managed cloud service, allowing us to take care of the day-to-day management and maintenance of your cloud environment. Our experts ensure maximum uptime and performance with 24/7 monitoring, and our proactive cloud improvements keep your cloud environment up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices. Focus on your core business activities with confidence, knowing that your cloud environment is in good hands.

Cloud Strategy

Ready to move to the cloud? Our cloud strategy offering aligns with the Cloud Adoption Framework and provides a customised plan tailored to your unique business needs. Our experts will help you identify the workloads best suited for the cloud and ensure a well-planned and executed adoption with maximum ROI. Let us help you make the right choices for your business, now and in the future.