Skills Audit 2023

Symposium IT is thrilled to be featured in the Manchester Digital Skills Audit report with a case study titled “Solving the Challenges Around Recruitment as a Small Consultancy”. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the digital skills landscape in Manchester, underscoring the sector’s robust growth and evolving skills requirements. Symposium IT is honored to contribute to this valuable dialogue.

The case study emphasizes Symposium IT’s strategies for addressing recruitment challenges within a small consultancy framework. The company’s guiding principle is “Team is everything”, and they continuously work to foster an environment that encourages talent development and lifelong learning.

Symposium IT takes immense pride in its team’s commitment to providing exceptional tech solutions. The case study bears witness to their resilience, distinct skill set, and dedication.

Symposium IT extends heartfelt thanks to its vibrant team, faithful clients, supportive partners, and the entire Manchester tech community that has been instrumental in their success journey. The company eagerly looks forward to continuing its innovation and talent development in Manchester, contributing to the digital future. It is their belief that through collective efforts, they can keep driving meaningful changes in the tech industry.

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