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To revolutionise satellite data acquisition and processing, providing real-time, cost-effective Earth observation and space communication services.

Service explanation

Data Acquisition and Processing

Symposium Space’s Data Acquisition and Processing service leverages AWS Ground Station to offer clients an efficient and reliable method for satellite data downlink and processing. This service is designed to streamline the workflow from satellite communication to actionable data, ensuring clients have access to the information they need with minimal delay and maximum accuracy.



Reduced Latency:

By leveraging AWS Ground Station, Symposium Space minimizes the time lag between data collection in orbit and its availability for processing and analysis.


Clients benefit from the pay-per-use model of AWS Ground Station, reducing the need for significant upfront investments in ground station infrastructure.

Enhanced Data Quality:

With state-of-the-art processing capabilities, the service ensures high-quality data, improving the reliability of the insights derived from it.

Global Coverage:

AWS Ground Station’s extensive network ensures global coverage, enabling data acquisition from any part of the world.

Secure Data Handling:

Ensuring the highest standards of data security, the service adheres to stringent data protection and privacy protocols.

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  1. Seamless Access to Global Satellite Data

    • This service provides access to a wide range of satellites for comprehensive global coverage. Clients can receive data from multiple satellites, ensuring they have the most relevant and current information for applications like weather forecasting, environmental monitoring, and global surveillance. The integration with AWS Ground Station enhances this capability by facilitating quick and reliable data transfers.
  2. Optimised Data Handling for Efficiency

    • Our optimised data handling process significantly reduces the latency and complexity involved in satellite data acquisition. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for applications requiring quick decision-making, such as disaster response, military operations, and real-time environmental tracking. The service includes automated processing workflows to rapidly convert raw satellite data into usable formats.

Service explanation

Analytics and Insights


Symposium Space’s Analytics and Insights service is designed to transform raw satellite data into valuable, actionable insights. By employing advanced data analytics techniques, including AI and machine learning, this service interprets complex satellite data to provide clients with deep, meaningful insights that are critical for informed decision-making.



Informed Decision Making:

Enhanced data interpretation aids in making well-informed decisions, especially in critical areas like resource management, environmental conservation, and emergency response.

Increased Efficiency:

Automated analytics reduce the time and effort required to process and analyse satellite data, leading to faster and more efficient decision-making processes.


The service is scalable to handle data from small-scale studies to large, comprehensive projects, accommodating the growing data needs of clients.

Accuracy and Reliability:

By leveraging advanced analytical tools, the service ensures high accuracy and reliability in the insights provided.

Further info

  1. Advanced Data Interpretation for Strategic Insights

    • This service leverages sophisticated AI algorithms and machine learning models to analyse and interpret satellite data, providing clients with detailed insights into patterns and trends. These insights are crucial for strategic planning in sectors like urban development, agricultural management, and environmental conservation, where understanding spatial and temporal changes is key.
  2. Custom Analytics for Diverse Applications

    • We offer custom analytics solutions designed to meet the specific needs of different industries. For instance, agricultural clients might receive tailored data on crop health and soil moisture, while environmental agencies might get detailed analyses of forest cover changes or coastal erosion. These solutions ensure that the analytics are directly applicable to the clients’ operational goals.

Service explanation

Custom Solutions

Symposium Space’s Custom Solutions service specialises in providing bespoke satellite data services tailored to the unique needs of clients. This service is designed to deliver precise, relevant data solutions for specific projects, challenges, or objectives, ensuring clients receive exactly what they need for their particular applications.


Specific Requirement Fulfilment:

Meeting the specific needs of clients with precision, whether for research, operational, or strategic purposes, providing them with data that is directly relevant and applicable to their needs.

Enhanced Project Outcomes:

Contributing to enhanced outcomes for client projects through the provision of highly accurate and customised data, enabling more effective decision-making and strategy development.

Adaptability and Scalability:

Offering solutions that are adaptable and scalable, allowing clients to modify or expand their satellite data requirements as their projects evolve.

Competitive Advantage:

Giving clients a competitive edge by providing them with unique data solutions that are not readily available on the market, tailored specifically to their niche requirements.


Further info

  1. Precision Monitoring for Targeted Applications

    • Custom solutions are developed for precision monitoring of specific geographical areas or phenomena. This could include monitoring deforestation in a particular region, tracking ice melt in polar areas, or observing urban expansion. These services are vital for clients who need detailed, location-specific satellite data for research, policy-making, or operational planning.
  2. Adaptive Solutions for Dynamic Requirements

    • Recognising that client needs can change over time, Symposium Space offers adaptive solutions that can be modified as requirements evolve. This flexibility is essential for long-term projects or in rapidly changing scenarios, such as climate change monitoring or in response to evolving geopolitical situations.

Service explanation

Consulting and Support

Symposium Space’s Consulting and Support service offers comprehensive expertise in the utilisation and integration of satellite data. This service is aimed at assisting clients in navigating the technical, regulatory, and strategic aspects of satellite data usage, ensuring they maximise the value of their satellite data investments.


Informed Strategic Planning:

Helping clients make informed decisions about the acquisition and use of satellite data, contributing to more effective strategic planning and operational efficiency.

Enhanced Data Integration:

Facilitating the seamless integration of satellite data into clients’ existing operational frameworks, enhancing data utility and accessibility.

Risk Mitigation:

Reducing risks associated with regulatory non-compliance and technical errors through expert guidance and support.

Continual Learning and Adaptation:

Keeping clients informed about the latest developments in satellite technology and data analysis techniques, ensuring continuous adaptation and learning.

Further info

  1. Expert Advisory for Optimised Satellite Data Use

    • Further Information: Our consulting service provides expert advice on selecting the right satellite data sources, integrating satellite data with other data systems, and optimising data use for specific applications. This guidance is invaluable for clients new to satellite data or those looking to enhance their existing satellite data capabilities.
  2. Comprehensive Support for End-to-End Integration

    • Further Information: This support covers the entire process of integrating satellite data into clients’ operations, from initial setup and system integration to ongoing technical support. It ensures that clients can effectively use satellite data in their daily operations, whether for real-time monitoring, data analysis, or decision support systems.

Our Working Process



Engage to understand their specific challenges and the need for satellite data solutions. This step involves identifying the problems the clients are facing and the purpose of the required satellite data services, whether it’s for environmental monitoring, strategic planning, disaster response, or other applications.



Conduct a comprehensive assessment to define what is known about the organisations current situation and to identify the requirements for change. This includes understanding their operational context, data needs, technological capabilities, and the specific objectives they aim to achieve with satellite data.



Develop custom solutions that address the client’s requirements identified in the Discovery phase. This involves designing the approach for data acquisition, processing, and analysis, prioritizing changes and enhancements needed to meet the client’s objectives. Key considerations include selecting the right satellite data sources, integrating with technologies like AWS Ground Station, and developing analytics models.



Execute the designed satellite data solutions in a structured and efficient manner. This step involves the actual acquisition of satellite data, processing and converting it into usable formats, analyzing the data to extract valuable insights, and delivering these insights to the client. It also includes providing ongoing support and consultation to ensure the effective integration and utilisation of the satellite data in the client’s operations.


Support and Review

Provide ongoing technical support and expert advisory services to help clients effectively integrate and utilise the satellite data.

Regularly assess the performance and impact of the services, and continuously improve based on client feedback and industry advancements.


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