Smart Cloud Health Check for Cloud

Your cloud costs are rising.

While cloud-based software such as Azure or AWS Cloud etc are very powerful and necessary for your business, many business owners find themselves affected by cloud costs. These higher costs can stall evolution and innovation for your business cloud, leaving you restricted and unable to grow. So it needs to be maintained correctly.

Our Smart Cloud Health Check is a great way of ensuring your company not only understands the software but is optimising it for resource usage, wastage, and security. We can help with that as well as ensuring you’re able to grow your cloud on a predictable timeline without failing to maintain the current functionality. 

We provide a summarised snapshot of your potential savings opportunities across a number of categories while also ensuring that there aren’t any holes in your system that pose a security risk. 

Our Smart Cloud Health Check combines a summary of information as well as deep insights, so that your team can make as much use out of our findings as possible. Whether you just want a brief overview of findings and recommendations, or deep insights into the cost, usage, wastage, and opportunities for optimisation – the ball is truly in your court.

Benefits of our Smart Cloud Health Check

Reach your full potential

We empower organisations to reach their full potential through innovative cloud computing solutions. Get in touch if you’re looking for meaningful results that drive business success.

When we’re performing your cloud Health Check, we only have read-only access. You don’t have to worry about anything in your system being changed. Our insights cover:

The Process

So now you know the benefits of our Smart Cloud Health Check service and what you can expect to gain insights in, you’re probably wondering how the process works. Allow us to break it down for you.

Discovery Call

We’ll have a discovery session where we’ll speak to you about your current infrastructure and how your cloud fits into it, what you’re aiming to achieve by having a Health Check report, and anything that you think we should know before we deploy the service.

Deployment of Service

Our Smart Cloud Health Check will be deployed into your infrastructure with read-only access. There, it will automatically begin aggregating the data and building up an overview that it can use to create both a summary and deep insights.

Receive Your Report

After the Health Check has been completed, you will receive a report in a PDF file for easy sharing amongst all relevant team members. The report will contain a brief summary of findings and recommendations as well as deep insights into various aspects of your smart cloud build. This allows you to prioritise which areas of your cloud build need improvements.

Take Your Company Where It Needs to Go

You can then use the Smart Cloud Health Check report to identify and then action the necessary changes across your cloud build so that you can take your organisation’s digital estate to the next level. If you’re interested in continuous improvement and monitoring of your infrastructure, we can also help you with that.