We care about all environments, not just digital.

We recognise that the work we do pales in comparison to the quality of the physical world, and sustainability shouldn’t be ignored. That’s why Symposium is partnered with Ecologi, a leading force for change that’s working to try and help the climate by planting trees all around the world.

Our Ecologi Partnership

Our partnership with Ecologi has helped to plant trees in Mozambique, Kenya and Madagascar, helping to make the world a better place for the future generations. There are 50 trees in our forest, which has resulted in 0.5t on carbon reduction. As our work evolves and we work with more clients, the improvements to the environment that we’re making will increase. 

We hope that in the future, more companies and individuals will get involved with Ecologi’s work and help to make the world a better place by fighting climate change. Symposium are currently pursuing our B-Corp certification to reflect this goal. Check our Environmental Policy for more information on how we operate while ensuring we’re having a positive global impact.

Introducing Symposium Sustain: Unleashing Tech Innovation for a Sustainable World

When the challenges of the world get bigger, we believe our ideas should too. We’re excited to introduce you to Symposium Sustain, a global initiative focused on solving the world’s most pressing problems with the power of technology. Our mission is to connect innovative minds and provide them with the platform and resources necessary to design and create sustainable solutions for the betterment of our planet.

Bringing Together the Brightest Minds

Symposium Sustain brings together visionaries, technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking individuals who are dedicated to integrating sustainability into their work. From data scientists to software developers, from environmentalists to industrialists, we believe that the most potent solutions emerge from diverse minds collaborating towards a common goal.

The world is changing rapidly, and with it, the challenges we face. These include climate change, resource depletion, waste management, food security, and many others. Symposium Sustain is here to turn these challenges into opportunities. We’re focused on leveraging the power of emerging technologies – such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and many others – to develop sustainable, efficient, and practical solutions.

Leveraging Tech to Foster Sustainability

Opportunities to Learn, Innovate, and Grow

Whether you’re a budding technologist eager to make a mark or an established professional looking for opportunities to contribute to the global sustainability cause, Symposium Sustain offers a platform to explore, innovate, and grow. We provide a wealth of resources, including workshops, hackathons, webinars, and networking events that nurture the spark of creativity and fuel the drive for change.

At Symposium Sustain, we envision a future where technology and sustainability work hand in hand. A future where each new tech development is gauged not only by the problem it solves but also by the environmental impact it mitigates. We’re not just dreamers, though; we’re enablers. We’re here to empower you with the tools, guidance, and network needed to create this future.

The Future We Aim For

Join Us Today

The world needs your brilliance, your ideas, and your passion. We invite you to join us at Symposium Sustain to leverage the power of technology for a greener, healthier, and more sustainable world. Together, we can inspire change, drive innovation, and shape a future that generations to come will thank us for.

Remember, every big change starts with a small step. Your step. Start your sustainability journey with Symposium Sustain today!

Symposium IT is not only recognised by industry-leading vendors for delivering quality solutions, but it is also accredited by government bodies and top institutions. This demonstrates Symposium IT’s commitment to maintaining high standards and providing reliable and trustworthy services to its clients.